Trusted Risk Advisor

Trusted advisor

With 30 years experience in the defence and aerospace sector, Mark C. Turner understands that innovation is the life blood of industry.  Through taking an entreprenuerial view of risk & uncertainty, Mark can help your organisation identify opportunities and enhance value.

You can trust Mark C. Turner to guide you to your objective.

Training, Coaching & Mentoring


Specialising in Risk Management and software tools,  Mark C. Turner has over a decades worth of experience in delivering high quality training, coaching and mentoring to both novice and experienced audiences.  

You can rely on Mark C. Turner to deliver your training needs.

Software Design & Development

Software design and development

Building new products is so much more than coding.  It is about understanding what the customer and end user need applications to do, and applying creativity to ensure every aspect of the experience satisfies them beyond expectation.  

Let Mark C. Turner help you delight your customers.