About Emsity

A unique blend of experience

A Unique Blend Of Experience

You are unlikely to find another consultant with such a diverse range of knowledge or experience. For 30 years I have worked in the  defence and aerospace sector: Weapons Engineer, Risk Specialist,  Project Manager and Scheduler, Internal Auditor, Trainer, Software Developer and Programmer.

Mark has what it takes to turn your uncertainty into opportunity

Think differently

Think Differently

It is recognised that risk and uncertainty around cash, sales, profit, achieving objectives, or exceeding expectations can all be fatal to the business plan.  But failing to take risk is even more certain to result in failure.

Mark understands what it means to take risk and reap the rewards of considered uncertainty when working in complex business environments.

Celebrate your success

Trust Me To Help You Succeed

 Taking on a trusted adviser is a big step.  Success comes from forming solid relationships, and developing a long term understanding of what each party brings to the endeavour. 

Trust does not come easily for some, but when it has developed, you know you can rely on each other no matter what.

Mark prides himself on the relationships he forms, and the trust he develops with clients.